Jason Keller, Hair Stylist2013 brings an entirely new direction for Jason as he creates a new vision for himself and his work as an artist. As the name of his new gallery Evolve suggests, he is following the flow of his own evolution bringing a new concept in hair design and art to Baton Rouge.

Jason offers the perfect blend of creativity, masterful skill, a keen eye for design and a true love for what he does to each of his clients whether on the road in L.A. and New York or at home in his Baton Rouge gallery. It’s no wonder that he has clients and fans across the country.

Jason is proud of his southern roots while being inspired by the challenges of working in L.A. and NYC. He believes working in three different parts of the country brings a unique balance and edge to his work.

Since 1992 Jason has been has been passionate about perfecting the art of creating the best possible look for his clients. He comes from strong hairdressing stock: His uncle Gerry Quaid worked alongside Sam Brocato—two of the South’s most influential hairdressers of the 1980s. Jason’s 20 years of experience, his networking skills and his continuing quest for the next best thing fuel his ambition and keep his vision fresh.